1. a deputy representing the Pope, specifically a papal ambassador sent on special ecclesiastical missions
  2. an ambassador or messenger
    • 1965: The dark figure on the raised white terrace; legate of the sun facing the sun; the most ancient royal power. — John Fowles, The Magus
  3. the deputy of a provincial governor or general in ancient Rome

6 letters in word "legate": A E E G L T.

Anagrams of legate:

Words found within legate:

ae ag age agee aglee aglet al ale alee alt at ate ea eagle eale eat ee eel egal el elate elt et eta etage gae gal gale gat gate geal geat gee gel gelt get geta glee gleet la lag lat late lea leat lee leet leg let ta tae tael tag tale te tea teal tee teel teg tel tela telae tele